Olukai Tiare Womens Sandals
Olukai Tiare Womens Sandals

Olukai Tiare Womens Sandals

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The Tiare, inspired by the beautiful Tiare flower, is a buttery-soft leather sandal perfect for any occasion. Made from 100% full-grain leather, it's suitable for events from rooftop dinners to casual evening gatherings.

Inspired by the stunning, minimalistic pinwheel shape of the fragrant Tiare flower found throughout Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands, the Tiare is our most elevated leather sandal. Crafted with supple, 100% full-grain leather, the Tiare steps gracefully in a variety of dressier occasions, from rooftop dining, to post-work pau hana.

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Premium Design

Soft, cushioned straps made from 100% full-grain leather for ultimate comfort, featuring a raised, puffy design with smooth leather for all-day ease.

All-Day Comfort

Crafted from luxurious full-grain leather, the Tiare features soft straps and elegant contrast stitching, effortlessly combining style and comfort. Its well-cushioned footbed and sleek design make it perfect for every destination.

Enhanced Grip

A raised heel with ocean wave-inspired designs made from our non-slip Wet Grip Rubber® for good traction on various surfaces.